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Location Intelligence and BI Dashboards

Deliver consumer mapping experience with business analytics power!

GMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) provides an interactive map design solution for enterprise dashboards. Surpassing traditional mapping solutions, GMaps Plugin provides a secured enterprise location intelligence tool directly inside of your dashboard, without a reliance on expensive server software or coding. Customize map drill-down and visualization to your business requirements for any industry or line of business.

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    Minimal total cost of ownership

    No footprint or server install leading to minimal total cost of ownership.
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    Any industry or line of business

    Create business intelligence for any point of interest or region.
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    Maximize user adoption

    Integrate TomTom and Google Maps experience with business analytics power.
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    Simple, Secured Development

    Point and click integration into your secured BI implementation.

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Why Location Intelligence?

Learn how GMaps Plugin can help your organization leverage location to uncover trends that are otherwise invisible.

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GMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards

Drag and drop Google Maps powered geo-analytics into your dashboard

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  • Rapid point and click development requiring no coding
  • Direct integration with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI3 & BI4
  • Navigate and drill to any geographic level down to street-level
  • Analyze geographic points, polygons, heatmaps, and linear assets
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Top 3 "Must Have" Cases for Location Intelligence



Combine multiple layers of business information


Instant information for split second decisions.


Predict where you should focus your time and resources.
GMaps Plugin transforms an interactive Google Map into a powerful location analytic tool. Learn about the must-have scenarios where other organizations are using geo-analytics to create "next generation" Business Intelligence:
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No coding, No Server Software, No delays!

1. Install and create the ultimate mapping experience tailored to your business requirements through a simple point and click property sheet.

2. Publish your GMaps Plugin enabled dashboard to desktop applications (PPT, PDF), BusinessObjects Enterprise, or any enterprise web portal.

3. Analyze business data and geographic data together, allowing business users to view assets, monitor events, and track business performance.

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Compatability and Requirements for GMaps Plugin / CMaps Plugin

CMaps Plugin and GMaps Plugin provide support for a complete span of SAP Dashboards and Xcelsius products from XI3.1 to the latest BI4.1 releases of SAP BusinessObjects.

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Bundled for any Project or Strategic Initiative

Providing maximum value with minimal total cost of ownership, GMaps Plugin Bundle includes everything you need to design and deploy powerful mapping capabilities, with no additional costs or hidden fees. You can always contact Centigon Solutions' knowledgeable sales team to get the best solution for your business needs: 1.800.570.6806

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Technical Questions? Search our Knowledge Base

GMaps Plugin is licensed by named users and annual subscription.

Named User License: GMaps Plugin developer licenses are named users who are licensed to author maps content within SAP Dashboards. Each developer in your organization who creates content will need a license, which is registered on a PC. These licensed users can author as many dashboards and deploy to as many end users as you like.

Annual Subscription: GMaps Plugin Bundles include the annual Google Maps subscription required to run your GMaps Plugin content. This annual subscription is licensed by page views which are counted as end users open a dashboard containing GMaps Plugin. This annual subscription includes all of the maintenance and support you need to build and deploy GMaps Plugin enabled content.

Page View Defined: Google Maps Premier is licensed on a annual page view basis, granting the most flexibility to deploy to any user group behind your organization's firewall or on a secured website. When a SWF containing a GMaps Plugin component is initialized on a client computer, it will establish a connection with Google Premier immediately and at that time register a single page view. Any further interactions within the mapping interface will NOT count as additional page views. These interactions include: 

  • Panning 
  • Zooming 
  • Swapping data points via SWF connectivity 
  • Displaying or hiding data points 
  • Showing and hiding the map via dynamic visibility

Only when the browser is refreshed or reloaded and the SWF file re-initializes will an additional page view be counted.

NO. Google does not get access to the data within your dashboard at any time. As GMaps Plugin communicates with Google servers, it only downloads map tiles as users pan and zoom within the map. All of the visualization on top of the Google Map occurs using Centigon Solutions GMaps Framework which is embedded in your dashboard when you publish. The only data that can be transacted to Google is address data for geocoding, if you decide to use address data instead of latitude/longitude.

GMaps Plugin is optimized for use inside of SAP Dashboards. As such you can deploy GMaps Plugin enabled views inside of any technology where Xcelsius is integrated. SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise tools like Launchpad, Dashboard Builder, Crystal Reports, and others have their own SAP Dashboards integration. As such you can deploy GMaps Plugin into any of these solutions.

The cost for GMaps Plugin is calculated based on the number of developers, the anticipated usage frequency, and the pool of end users you anticipate. GMaps Plugin Bundles comes in 3 standard tiers to match any BI Dashboard initiative. We also have an enterprise-wide license for customers who have a large number of developers who are authoring content.

Currently GMaps Plugin is not supported for the SP05 export to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile. The anticipated support for this functionality will be for SAP BI4.1 when SAP will release an official SDK for HTML5. Centigon Solutions was the first company to release add-ons for Xcelsius and we will continue to lead the way for SAP Dashboards and soon SAP Design Studio.

GMaps Mobile is currently available for customers who want to take their existing geo-views from Xcelsius and port them to mobile device.

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Seeing is Believing

GMaps Plugin provides a blank canvas to create the perfect geo analysis for your specific business needs. The following demos apply out of the box capabilities with unique business requirements for various industries and lines of business.